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Closing down the garden for the year

Closing down the garden for the year. Who says you don’t get a lot of exercise working in the garden?! Frankly, I find it to be an incredibly good workout! Think of all the aerobic exposure you get hauling mulch bags, digging weeds, moving rocks out of the beds and planting pathways. AH! I really […]


Ever need to set down the popcorn and run outta the movie real quickly?

A Solution for when ya gotta “GO” right at the good part of the movie! For any one of a variety of reasons, it hits you just at the good part of the movie. Ya gotta go! And I mean GO NOW! We’ve all had this unpleasant and immediate urge. I don’t need to explain […]

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HP Scanjet problems – Update

HP Scanjet problems – Update Well since there’s still folks looking up my articles on the HP scanjets, here’s a little update. I basically gave up attempting to scan in ANYTHING that was color and had ANY text on the same page. No matter what I’ve tried, the page gets screwed up and the text […]

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