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Merry Christmas…uh, make that Happy Winter Solstice!

The winter solstice — which marks the beginning of winter and the shortest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere — comes tonight at 12:30 am EST. Once again, all the druids will gather in their covens or around their “henges” to celebrate the shortest day of the year…from where we get xmas…. And, […]

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Republican Debates – ENOUGH ALREADY!

This past Saturday evening, once again, yet another of the networks thought they had to favor us with yet another Republican candidate pissing contest with each of them trying to prove to us that theirs was the biggest. Well, in the case of Bachmann, being the only female in the line up, that she could […]

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Government – Don’t we have enough already?

I ran into this recently in a Facebook posting. I’m not 100% true if a college professor actually made this claim and failed his class, but I have to submit that the concepts presented here are 100% on the money. Given the current trends in Washington to tax us into oblivion, run our lives and […]

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