Safe – Jason Statham brings the action back again!

Safe – Jason Statham brings the action back again!

Rated: R Time: 1:35

Stars: Jason Statham, Chris Sarandon, Anson Mount, James Hong, Reggie Lee,
Joseph Sikora, Danny Hoch, Matt O’Toole, Catherine Chan, Igor Jijikine
and others

Final Grade: B+

Mei (Chan) is an incredibly bright little Chinese girl. She’s so bring that she’s correcting the errors of her math teacher in class over some rather complex calculations. Her acumen for numbers lands her being kidnapped by the Chinese mafia and shipped to New York to become a walking computer and accountant for the New York mob.

Someone that bright and obvious walking around doesn’t do so for long without garnering the attention of competing mobs and the car chases and gun fights start in full blaze.

Amid all this commotion, Mei escapes into the subway system where she catches the eye of a suicidal former cop turned cage fighter, Luke Wright (Statham) who’s on his way for a last ride on the center track. Feeling sympathy for a little girl now being chased by the Russian mob he rescues her and things really start to hit the fan.

It’s not long before a corrupt New York City mayor and police department (does there seems to be any other kind in the movies?) are also in the chase to find little Mei and make sure that Wright meets an immediate and quick demise from acute lead poisoning.

In typical Stratham manner, this flick is packed full of action, gun fights, street chases, and about most any other kind of violent act you could think of!

If you’re a guy, you’ll enjoy the non-stop action. If you’re a chick that thinks Statham’s a totally hot hunk, well, chances are you won’t be disappointed either.

This is definitely a great action flick and a flick for those that enjoy non-stop action, Statham style.

I’m Don Rima, and that’s the way I saw it, From Where I Stand.

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