Guy Adams – GOOD FOR YOU!!


For those of you that don’t know him, and neither do I, Guy Adams is the Los Angeles correspondent for the London Independent newspaper.

Adams got tossed from twitter this weekend after posting the private email and phone number of the NBC executive, one Gary Zenkel, who is in evidently charge of the Olympics programming for NBC.

Adams was more than a bit annoyed and critical of NBC’s decisions to delay airing the games opening ceremony, as well as other events, until they were within prime US viewing time…versus being broadcast in real time when the events were happening.

Adams urged his readers to directly express their thoughts and opinions to Zenkel via his private email. And frankly, I don’t blame him! In response to his use of his freedom of speech rights, Twitter censored him. Totally. Boooo to you, twitter!

For too long the networks think they can hold us viewers hostage while they waste at least 20 minutes of each hour with stupid advertisements which makes them $BILLION$ in revenues. Further, why not broadcast the events as they happen? They can always rebroadcast or delay repeat them on any of the other cable channels that NBC owns, or perhaps even run them live on a secondary channel and save the primary for delayed. In either case, people have the right to view things while they’re actually happening.

Network executives, as well as executives of other companies, like to hide behind a shield of sycophants and not have to actually answer to the consumer public for their actions and decisions. Rare is the chance that direct contactability to a decision maker exists, so yes, it was a good idea for this guy at NBC to get a dose of direct and unedited public opinion reality!

Further, given the totally disappointing responses to the quality of the play by play during the parades by an over zealously mouthy Lauer and company, I would have blasted them for that as well. Overall, I can’t say that NBC is winning any real non-vegetable based awards for their coverage so far of the events in London!

Which gives time for one to read a book…or write a blog…

That’s the way I see it, From Where I Stand….

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