Greetings and Thanks for visiting us at “From Where I Stand.”
The goal of this site and blog is to not only inform you on things that may make your life easier to work with, but to also perhaps save you some time and frustration in evaluating things that you may need for your office, home or in your normal life.
On this site we’re expecting to provide three main services:

  1. Reviews and evaluations of products that you would use in your normal home or business life. These will range everywhere from looking at Computer Equiptment, Software, Services, Consumer Electronics like cameras, audio and video equipment, Auto’s, and I even expect we’re going to go to the movies on a regular basis(hopefully as soon as they’re out and befor you do) and we’ll hit more than a few places to eat along the way. So, if these kind of sounds like what you’d read from a Walt Mossberg type of review and article, you’re thinking the same way we are.
  2. We’re also going to look at life in general, people the way they are, places that are fun to visit both alone and to take the family to. In short, we’re going to look at America and the rest of the world the way that the late Charles Kuralt used to. Kuralt had a wonderful and talented ability to find incredibly interesting stuff around every turn, in any valley town or just around the block. We’re going to go hunting for the same kind of stuff that he did.
  3. Finally, the curmudgeon in all of us that every now and then just has enough of the BS and decides it’s time to lay the cards on the table. Sometimes it’s about the obvious not being done the way it should be, sometimes it’s a major “DUH!” moment that was missed. But, we expect that there will be a smattering of IMHO moments posted here as well.

When it comes to reviewing and writing on the latest technology or newest gizmoids to hit the market place, we have a few resources for finding these toys, but if you represent a company that has a new item out or coming out soon that you would like for us to look over and include here, we’d be very happy to work with you on this.
You should ship your items for us to evaluate to: Evaluations Editor, From Where I Stand, P.O. Box 2138, Collegedale, TN 37315. The Evaluations Editor can also be reached at submissions@fromwhereistand.info
All items sumitted need to include: Primary contact for the submitter(we may need to ask a few questions) and if you want the item(s) back, please include a preaddressed UPS or FED-EX packing waybill with your contact information. We prefer these two carriers over the rest, not because we have a business relationship with them (we don’t), but we find that they seem to work just fine for us.
If you’re sending a package substancially larger than a square meter in dimension or heavier than 50kgs, please contact us in advance to make sure we can accomodate it.
All due dilligence will be afforded all items sent to return them in good condition. Items not sent with return means will most likely be donated to a local school or boys/girls club, where appropriate.
Currently, we are able to accomodate the following computer operating system environments:

  • IBM’s OS/400, i5/OS
  • AIX
  • Linux (Ubuntu is the prefered dialect, but SuSE and Red Hat are also available
  • Windows: XP Pro, Server 2003, Tablet O/S and Vista

Our testing philosphy is simple: We take things from the perspective of how a normal person would most likely, in our opinion, install and use the product. We look at movies for quality as well as entertainment. We look at food and restaurants in terms of price, quality, environment, staffing and efficiency. We look at life from too many angles to measure.
Also, if you have a product that you think we should look at and would be of interest to you and our readership, please also feel free to contact us at the same email address and we’ll take a look at your idea.
Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you.
( fromwhereistand.info is a project of CSS, Inc.  This site and all contents are copyright CSS, Inc., in the year they are published.  All rights reserved. )

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