Screw the “Early Bird”!

Screw the “Early Bird”! I’ve always been bothered by that early bird getting the worm phrase. You know what I’m talking about. “Hurry up, the early bird gets the worm!”. I mean, heck, think of it from the WORM’s perspective. Here you have a poor worm, probably with a family of 1000 baby worms, jobs […]

About As Dumb As It Gets, IMHO

Lindsay Lohan – Revisited

Lindsay Lohan – Revisited So, Lindsay Lohan got 90 days and a really stiff probation list of “To Do’s” in response to her being an irresponsible spoiled brat and thinking that she can violate probation and skip court mandated alcohol classes. Judge Marsha Revel evidently, FINALLY, had enough of Lohan’s diva crap and dropped the […]


Verizon – it’s time to do more than advertise!

Verizon – it’s time to do more than advertise! Well CES has just ended. Frankly I’m ready to go home. It’s been a very busy four days with lots of interesting new toys for consumers to wet their chops over and perhaps even buy after we “change” our current economic trend and get out of […]