Why is it snowflakes and liberals can't do math???

Why is it snowflakes and liberals can’t do math???
OK, I’ve had enough of this left wing BS. I was recently more or less accused of supporting the “blood sport of killing children” because to me clearly the publix food chain totally, and wrongly, capitulated to the socialist demands of Soros’s pet pigg. Frankly, I think they should have hauled out all those “die in” idiots, provided they didn’t get stomped on by justifiably irate customers, and thrown their sorry asses in jail! Sorry, the first amendment doesn’t allow you to disrupt business at Publix or anywhere else! Frankly, Publix you WIMPED OUT!
NOBODY supports the “blood sport of killing children”. But only a small vocal segment are using it to push their socialist agenda.
I just do not understand why liberals can’t do math. Look at the facts:
Yes, a small number of kids have been killed in unfortunate school related incidents. Let’s say that the number in recent history is 200 +/-…
– Texting while driving
– Drunk driving and/or drunk drivers
– Drugs
– NON-GUN related homicides…
– Gang violence
– The FBI publishes a list every year – GO READ IT!
Whereas the 200 or so are a definite concern issue, WHY ARE THE TENS OF THOUSANDS BEING TOTALLY IGNORED????
You’ll tell me there’s laws for drunk drivers, YES! And there’s laws for gun use….etc! So, WHY are the tens of thousands being ignored?
Best reason so far, is that drunk driving, cell phone use, school kids being butchered by other means, etc., just don’t matter to socialists who have an anti gun agenda. To them using the 200 to get rid of your 2nd amendment rights is the only things that matter and the tens of thousands…well, they’re just ignored…to them just collateral damage…just not part of the socialist and liberal media current politically correct agenda…
WAKE UP LEFTIES! DEAD IS DEAD! If you think that a parent that loses a kid to a stabbing, drunk driver or another means hurts any less than one killed in school, you’re WRONG! If you think a cop likes telling parents in their home that their kid was stabbed by some gang, YOU’RE WRONG.
Once again, wake up call for socialists and liberals – It’s NOT A GUN ISSUE – IT’S A VIOLENCE ISSUE! Criminals don’t care about laws. Criminals will do ANYTHING they can to do their deeds! That’s the facts. YOU need to wake up, understand and accept the reality.
As for me, I’d love to see a solution for the violence that killed the 200 just as much as I would the tens of thousands killed by other means of violence… It’s just unfortunate that the socialist left wing media and the anti-gun movement is more intent in inflicting a version of their politically correct panacea on America than dealing with the disease at the causes of the violence.
I’m Don Rima, and that’s the view From Where I Stand….

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