Baseball! It’s opening day!

Baseball! It’s opening day!

There’s really nothing quit like it. The feel of the crowd. The smells of the stadium. Popcorn, peanuts, crackerjack…and let’s not forget a really nice big fat juicy hot dog with
mustard and ketchup!

The boys of summer are back! It’s opening day! Pop a cold one, sit back, break out your glove and you may get lucky and catch one!

The crack of the bat brings with it jargon of suicide squeezes, double plays, the long one going deep and many other terms that once again put us in the annual cat bird’s seat of fun.

No matter how you listen to them or watch them, there’s really nothing like an afternoon or evening ball game to round out a day.

As a kid growing up in DC metro. I used to listen to the then Senators on WTOP or if there was an Orioles game on WBAL it took priority. With glee I would call up the scores recording line at the
Washington post in the mornings when I missed late games and eagerly listen to the recording tell me how the Senators had lost again and the Orioles had won. I used to cheer when
Big Frank Howard struck out and Boog knocked in another homer. Ah, the days of being a kid and the life of baseball. It’s almost 50 years later and I’m still a kid and hope I always will be.

So! Take me out to the ball game….take me out to the park…..

I’m Don Rima and that’s the way I see it, from where I stand…

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