Transfer Smart – Unloading your timeshare…at a price.

Transfer Smart – Unloading your timeshare…at a price.

For the last several years I’ve owned a timeshare down in Ft. Lauderdale. It’s on the water, a nice place, and I never get down to it. But, it gets me into the “timeshare system” and I enjoy some of the other benefits.

I’ve given some thought of selling it and buying in another region that I’m more apt to vacation at. But, good luck with selling anything related to timeshare! I’ve looked at all those companies that have sent me cards and letters to sell my timeshare, only to find that they’re little more than high priced listing companies and have no intention of selling anything of mine. And of course, they want their money up front. No results guaranteed.

So, when I got a letter about a way to get out of my timeshare, guaranteed, I was interested. I called the number on the card. The fact that nobody could or would answer any of my questions but was incredibly eager to sign me up for a meeting they were having in my area, should have been a red flag that this wasn’t what I was looking for.

But I went.

The meeting was held in a hotel meeting room downtown that reminded me a lot of the kind of meetings I’d been in by high pressure sales people that were originally trying to sell me my timeshare. The presenters droned on, quoting people like Warren Buffet, Jane Bryant Quinn, and others, telling me how bad an investment in timeshares was and how much money I was going to be spending. I have to admit, some of their arguments were salient. But I was still wondering how I was going to get out of this thing.

Finally, the moment of truth. For the princely fee of about $4000, this group would take my timeshare off my hands. That’s right, the Transfer Smart organization, wanted me to PAY THEM about $4000 for the honor of taking my timeshare. This isn’t what I had in mind, I though it not a good business deal and I gathered up my papers and I left.

So, a quick heads up, if you get a nice card from Transfer Smart guaranteeing you a way out of your timeshare, expect to pay. And to pay a lot of money.

Which leads me to the question I’ve not gotten an answer to – What the heck do THEY do with all these time share units people are paying them to take away? If owning a timeshare unit was really that onerous, why would they want them? Oh well…

However, if you’re interested in a nice timeshare on the waterfront in Ft. Lauderdale mine’s still for sale and I’ll even entertain a swap.

Finally, if this was of any help to you, help me by clicking on one of the adverts on the right of your screen…besides, they may have something interesting as well.

I’m Don Rima, and that’s the view, From Where I Stand.

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