Did anyone ask how the police actually FOUND the Fedex bomber??

Did anyone ask how the police actually FOUND the Fedex bomber??

OK, the FBI, etc., found the Fedex bomber. I’m glad they did. It’s too bad he blew up his sorry ass before they had a chance to take him in for some quality time with his pals in the local jail.

Frankly, I’m all for the maximum punishment to these kinds of assholes and frankly, there’s times when I wish we could put them on the wheel or use a little of “Vlad the impaler’s” technology on them. I think they deserve it, regardless that the liberal press and liberal politicians think that the victim should be punished and the criminal should be dietized.

BUT, what has me concerned here is HOW they caught this guy. According to published reports from law enforcement sources, a federal warrant was obtained and this GOOGLE SEARCHES were analyzed. Read that again: HIS GOOGLE SEARCHES WERE ANALYZED! This means that Google and other search engines are keeping/archiving all your searches for whatever data analytics they want to apply to them for whatever use they have in mind! This goes beyond just simple target marketing. It easily extends into all kinds of profiling for any kinds of reasons. Are you awake yet? An most likely Facebook, et al, do the same kind of data mining and archiving…

Now, we’ve known this was being done for a long time. Lexus/nexus has used this type of analytics for a long time and they have a “black” side of their company that does classified work for the government with some really interesting results. But I digress…

Clearly, it’s more than obvious that Orwell’s Big Brother moved in a long time ago and is well entrentched in the black side of the world we generally refer to as our daily lives. Nothing is private anymore and nothing is sacred. Just be aware of that next time you turn on your computer and even more so when you do a Google, Yahoo, or whatever search on the internet. It’s being logged and analyzed by someone. The old caveat of: “what you do, can and will be used against you…” is very much alive and well…

…and please, don’t go blowing up Fedex – they have a hard enough time delivering my packages as is!

I’m Don Rima, and that’s the way things look From Where I Stand.

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