Hard Rocking Toronto Blue Jays

Hard Rocking Toronto Blue Jays
I was in Toronto recently for a trip and waiting for my dinner reservation up on the CN Tower, when I realized that the Blue Jays were playing a home game.
Now not having been to a Jays game before and it being late in the game, was very surprised when I wandered into the Hard Rock Cafe there at the stadium and realized that their wall was an open window in deep left/center field! This was totally cool!
After picking up my usual HRC t-shirts and coffee mug I wandered over to the window and enjoyed a couple of innings of baseball, while sipping on a cold one and waiting for the time to pass before heading up the tower for dinner.
This was a really nice and relaxing interlude in the middle of the day and something folks traveling to downtown Toronto may want to checkout while there.
Enjoy the game and lift a cold one for me.
I’m Don Rima and that’s the way I saw it, From Where I Stand.

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