New Shingles Vaccine – Shingrix – and you should be looking it over

New Shingles Vaccine – Shingrix – and you should be looking it over
OK, so this week it was time to once again make a periodic pilgrimage to my family doctor. This also meant filling out the same forms I seem to have to fill out with each visit…it’s like they think my name, birthday,
sex, etc., have changed in 6 months. Haven’t these people ever heard of computers?
Anyway, back to my point. I’m a big proponent of prevention. Keeping current on my vaccines is generally high on my hit parade of discussion topics during these meetings. Come to find out there’s a relatively new vaccine out for shingles. It’s called Shingrix. It’s a two-part process, which means you get one shot today and the 2nd one in a month or so as part of the standard regiment plan. You can generally get it at your local pharmacy and if you have a chemist like mine, she has this unique smile when you mention getting a vaccination – I think she likes giving shots – but frankly I wouldn’t trade her…and my local pharmacy is generally where I get my vaccinations.
The older version of this vaccine was called Zostavax and like many of you I had that as well. But, come to find out, it is believed to be only 50% effective over time whereas Shingrix is believed to be closer to 97%. Shingrix is also made with a completely different biological process – you could say it’s the new and improved, latest and greatest. And, I’m all for this kind of progress!
For those of you that haven’t had shingles, trust me, you don’t want them. We’re talking painful…as in kidney stones and giving birth levels of pain. I’ve not had it, but everything I’ve ever read and heard has assured me conclusively that it’s not to be on my bucket list of things to do. If you’ve ever had chicken pox you’re a good candidate for shingles. But you don’t have to have had a full blown case of c.pox to get shingles.
So, why am I even bringing this out, after all, I’m not a doctor nor do I play one on TV…? Simple. Prevention is the better part of cure. Clearly there’s something that’s new, safe and substantially more effective than the older version and it’s something you need to be talking with your primary care provider(s) about. Like many other vaccinations, it’s one you can get easily at most local pharmacies.
So, I recommend you add this to the conversation list of your next doctor’s visit and give it serious consideration. A couple of shots could save you some major pain and discomfort.
Here’s a few links for your continued research and study:
Standard legal CYA caveat: Always talk with your medical professional before making medical decisions.
I’m Don Rima, and that’s the view, From Where I Stand.

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