Quote(s) Of The Day – For The Week Of September 9, 2018

Quote(s) Of The Day – For The Week Of September 9, 2018
September 9, 2018
“Even more exasperating than the guy who thinks he knows it all is the one that really does.” – Bernstein
September 10, 2018
“On how to become a good speaker: Practice all the time. One of the best ways it to put a bunch
of marbles in your mouth while you talk. Slowly but surely you take away a mable. And then, when you’ve
lost all your marbles, you’re a public speaker!” – Jessel
September 11, 2018
“I through I’d begin by reading a poem by Shakespeare, but then I thought, Why should I? He never reads any of mine!” – Milligan
September 12, 2018
“I was told to be accurate, be brief, and then be seated. So, I promise I shall be as brief as possible,
no matter how long it takes me!” – Pearson
September 13, 2018
“He couldn’t get into Harvard even if he had the dean’s wife at gunpoint!” – Barry
September 14, 2018
“It’s strange how few of the world’s great problems are solved by people who remember their algebra.” – Prochnow
September 15, 2018
“I won’t say I went to a tough school, but we did have our own coroner.” – Bruce
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