So, Let's consider: "The early bird gets the worm…"

So, Let’s consider: “The early bird gets the worm…”

OK, I know that this phrase is used, perhaps over used, in efforts to get people off their asses and moving in an efford to achieve some task(s) completion(s).
But, NOBODY ever thinks of this phrase from the perspective of the hard working little worm!
Think about it. Here you have Mr. Worm, he’s living a dark and dirty life under ground, probably has several hundred kids to feed and on top of that, he has to work the grave yard shift because work in his part of the world is hard to find.. SO, what happens to this hard working worm? You guessed it, after a long night of digging in the dirt to feed his family, he gets eaten by some damn bird that just happens to wonder by while he’s on his way home…
Now, I ask you, what kind of a life is that? Working hard all your life only to be gobbled up by some damn bird at the end of your shift, early in the morning, while you’re dragging your butt off to bed…. This clearly shows no appreciation or understanding for those of us that have had to work the night shift on any kind of regular basis!

I’m Don Rima and that’s the view From Where I Stand.

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