So, Let's consider: Staying Healthy Through The Holidays

So, Let’s consider: Staying Healthy Through The Holidays

Well, once again, it’s that Happy Merry Partying time of year! And, we’ll all be doing our best to eat and drink and be as happily merry as we can. But, there can be some major health implications to over doing it… So, let’s look at a few things that we can do to maybe help all of your celebrations to be good ones.
Think Moderation
This time of year it’s so incredibly to over do on so many things. So when you see that incredible layout of food, save some for someone else. You don’t have to go back for that third round and it’s sometimes good to be able to see some plate showing under all those layers of chow. Just because Santa is over stuffed doesn’t mean you need to be or should be. Let your comfort fill level be your guide and let Santa be the one with the over stuffed belly…or, pillow. And, don’t forget to eat the salad. Focus on the foods that you enjoy the best during the season and it’s also good to experiment with some new ones if the opportunity presents itself.
Same thing goes for drinking. This is the time of year that the bubbly flows…and flows… But knowing your limit is key to having the best time of the season that you can. Give serious consideration to alternatives to drink. Things like soft drinks, juices, good ole water with a twist on ice, there’s so many options that have you feeling great at the end of the evening versus dreading the rays of the sun in the morning. Also, stay hydrated if you’re drinking. Alcohol can raise havoc with your fluid and electrolyte levels, to some water, juice, even a hit or 2 from your favorite sports drink are definitely in order during the party season.
Set some goals and keep them
We all have some history we can look back on, so look back at it. Some of the things you did in the partying past you wouldn’t do again, so don’t. Some things were cool – so do them again. Know your limits and keep them.
There’s other things you need to set some goals on and well talk about them next.
Exercise and Fresh Air
Set and keep your fitness goals. If you’re already in a program, be it your own or otherwise organized, stay with it. If you don’t have one, get or make one. Something as simple as a nice walk in the fresh air can do some incredible wonders for your body and outlook on life. Take your mutt for a walk with a glass of fresh squeezed homemade lemonade or even a nice cup of joe! You’ll both enjoy the outdoors.
Take your vitamins
Even though you’re eating a lot, make sure that you stay balanced from a nutritional standpoint. Most of us take some form of a supplement or another and now’s not the time to take a vacation from that. If you have a concern about your proper nutrient intakes, well, that’s a great thing to be talking with your family doctor about.
Monitor Holiday Stress
For some it’s having to deal with that total idiot relative that you have to go visit during the season, for others it’s past memories or something else, but regardless of what, this time of season also brings it’s own variety of stressors. Don’t let them get the best of you. It’s easy to take them out on either how much you eat or drink so be careful and understand what’s happening to you and why. If you’re having to deal with an issue, consider how much you’re eating or drinking and adjust it to your best and most healthful benefit. If you think the stressors and issues are more than you can handle, well, talk to your health professional or clergy. Help’s there, all you need to do is ask for it.
If you over imbibe, DON’T DRIVE!
It’s just too easy to have one too many at this time of year. Please, know when to say when. Further, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with taking a cab home (or TO the party as well for that matter) or asking a sober friend to drive for you. This isn’t an ego issue, we all want YOU to be around for the next holiday season! And, part of that is your responsibility as well…
Here’s hoping you have the happiest and merriest holiday season and that we’ll see you next year!
I’m Don Rima and that’s the view From Where I Stand.

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