So, Let's consider: Do you REALLY understand DACA?

So, Let’s consider: Do you REALLY understand DACA?

OK, so DACA’s become the latest political football being tossed around between the political forces when one of them’s not making plans for all their family and friends to fly on lengthy excursions to Europe and Asia on the taxpayer’s expense.
Just WHAT does DACA mean to you and me?
Well, let’s presume that my house was broken into this past Saturday. It’s all ok, my mutt’s safe and nobody else was home.
Luckily, the alarm told the local cops and they caught the perp and his 10 year old kid that were helping themselves to my home and everything in it.
The bad news is, all the locals took a vote and decided that the kid was innocent since they were only there because the parent brought them. Now, I have to feed, house, room, educate, and otherwise totally care for this criminal’s kid! It gets worse, since the kid would be abandoned if the parent goes to jail. However, if the parent is found innocent, then I have to let them stay with the kid also and totally take care of all their needs, free to them of course, as well!
If this sounds totally unfair to you, then you understand DACA.
If you’re asking yourself as to why the US is the only country stupid enough to allow this, well, keep in mind that Obama did it all, WITHOUT ANY CONGRESSIONAL APPROVAL, by executive order. There’s many that think it was an is illegal, but since we have a liberal Supreme Court at the current time, there’s basically no reason to legally challenge it.
Now, there is a bright side to some of this. There is a small percentage of the DACA population that actually settle in and start businesses. Frankly, small business is the backbone of what makes America great. Even others buy a home here. but that’s accounting for maybe 10% of the entire DACA populate(depending on who’s numbers you want to believe).
We’re a country of immigrants. But we’re also a country of laws, and not just suggestions. We welcome people who come here, legally, and want to become part of our great nation. We don’t build walls to keep people out, we just want them to use the door and not climb in through the windows.
Unfortunately, our politicians are more intent on getting votes than protecting America’s future. They’re more intent on “tolerance” for those that chant things like “Death to America” and those that are criminals and smugglers. These policies and politicians can not be tolerated and need to be removed.
We need to Keep America Great.
I’m Don Rima and that’s the view From Where I Stand.

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