So, Let's consider: are you a generous person?

So, Let’s consider: are you a generous person?

It’s time to do another self check. Are you a good person? Am I a good person? Are you a generous person? Am I a generous person?
I ask these questions twice intentionally as I feel they’re ones we need to ask of ourselves as much as of others. And, we need to make whatever changes and corrections that we may think to be warranted and appropriate. Let’s continue checking by asking ourselves a few questions:
– When was the last time I/you gave of my/your time, attention, work, resources without any expectation in return? True altruism in practice is what we’re talking about here.
– When was the last time I/you gave anonymously? Yes, I’m also including here the times when you know you’re get a receipt for IRS purposes but that you did so without any comments, etc. This would include donations to the local food bank or “Goodwill” type of establishment that would resell your unneeded items and put the proceeds towards the good of the community.
– What is my/your emotional tone when I think of others? I’m going to leave this one open ended intentionally and just leave it out there for you to think about.
– Am I/Are you living in a way that if everyone lived in the same way as we did, the world would be a better place for all of us?
I leave this out there as a few rhetorical questions going into the weekend for all of us to ponder.
I hope you have a good weekend.
I’m Don Rima and that’s the view From Where I Stand.

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