So, Let’s consider: Y: The Last Man – You Can’t Fix STUPID!

So, Let’s consider: Y: The Last Man – You Can’t Fix STUPID!

Whomever coined the phrase “you can’t fix stupid” CLEARLY had this show in mind. If this waste of electrons makes it
through its first season I’ll be shocked! This show gives new and lower meaning to “insulting your intelligence” !!

The whole concept is that for some inexplicable reason, almost all of the male population of all animals on the earth die of some
form of hemoragic event and all at the SAME TIME. Almost as if on cue! …well, considering this is a TV show, they probably DID all die on cue…it’s in the script.

By the time day 8 comes around in the second episode, provided you survive the stupidity of the first episode, the whole world is totally female, in chaos, and clearly nobody is in charge. Sorry feminists, if you’re not pissed off at this show, you should be.

After less than 90 minutes of what amounts to total bullshit, I gave up and went back to Championship Sock Matching…it was less of an insult to my intelligence.

If this show survives the season it’s just to the incredible amount of stupid people watching it that don’t have anything
that would pass for real lives.

I’m Don Rima and that’s the view From Where I Stand.

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