Quote(s) Of The Day – For the week of December 31, 2023

Quote(s) Of The Day – For the week of December 31, 2023

December 31, 2023

“The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will.” – Lombardi

January 1, 2024

“Be at war with your vices, at peach with your neighbours, and let every New Year find you a better man.” – Franklin

January 2, 2024

“Keep your thoughts positive because your thoughts become your words. Keep your words positive because your words become your behavior. Keep your behavior positive because your behavior becomes your habits. Keep your habits positive because your habits become your values. Keep your values positive because your values become your destiny.” – Gandhi

January 3, 2024

“Just one small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day.” – Dalai Lama

January 4, 2024

“It’s beauty that captures your attention. personality which captures your heart.” – Wilde

January 5, 2024

“The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts.” – Marcus Aurelius

January 6, 2024

“Everyone may not be good, but there’s always something good in everyone. Never judge anyone shortly because every saint has a past and every sinner has a future.” – Wilde

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