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So, Let's Consider: Walmart's latest bout with mental disorders 0

So, Let’s Consider: Walmart’s latest bout with mental disorders

In case you’ve been under a rock today, the great minds of yogurt at Walmart have once again capitulated and kowtowed to the liberal sychophantic and psyhopathic minds of the liberal media and every other political cause by deciding to not sell any firearms ammo any more. According to them, for some deranged reason, they think this will in some way reduce gun violence in America. Let’s take a look at a few things.
In 2018, according to the Gun Violence Archives, 340 deaths were due to mass shooting. Oh, by the way, ALSO during 2018, according to MADD, 10,874 people were killed by drunk drivers.
So, in support of the liberal anti-gun movement, they think that removing all ammo will reduce shooting deaths. I really have to wonder how that’s going to sell in Chicago…
What’s interesting and totally counter to their new corporate policy is that they’re still insisting on selling as much beer and wine as they can in clear SUPPORT of the 10,874 drunk driving deaths. So, just what and where are their real priorities? Reality or kowtowing to political correctness in the media? Is anyone at Walmart REALLY THINKING???
Does anyone at Walmart have a spine?
The next thing I expect them to do is stop selling auto parts to help reduce highway deaths….
Let’s think further: in a drunk driving event: the drunk driver is blamed – NOT THE BEER; in a boating accident the boat captain is blamed – NOT THE BOAT; etc…. The only exception to this is firearms… MAYBE society needs to wake up and put blame where it REALLY belongs…on the heads of the criminals!

I’m Don Rima and that’s the view From Where I Stand.

Great Mills, Maryland High School – A good gun taking out a bad gun and saving lives! Yes, it actually works that way! 0

Great Mills, Maryland High School – A good gun taking out a bad gun and saving lives! Yes, it actually works that way!

OK folks, so here we go again. Someone in a school thinks that the way to solve their problems is through VIOLENCE, VIOLENT ACTS and, yes, once again they used a gun. However, as everyone with half a brain has been saying for a long time, to take out a bad guy with a gun, you need a good guy with a gun. Unlike recent events in Florida where the local sheriff’s department decided to go on coffee break during the shooting, the school safety officer at Great Mills actually decided to DO THEIR JOB and took out this murderous thug! At the same time probably saving many from injury and death! This guy deserves a hero’s welcome.

However, I kinda doubt this officer wants to be considered a hero. Every GOOD cop I know of sends up a prayer every time they strap on their sidearm that they won’t be faced with a situation where they would have to use it. That they won’t be faced with a situation where they would have to take another life to save themselves or others. That’s the sign of a good cop…and yes, there are a few of them out there!
Interestingly enough, I’ve yet to see CNN and their corp of crisis actors crowing about gun violence and how all guns need to be removed.

I’m really happy that I DON’T see the likes of idiots like David Hogg or his skin headed gal pal, running their mouths and claiming to be students here, there, and everywhere, and pushing CNN and the socialist media’s anti-gun agenda. What amazes me even more is that the likes of ilk like CNN’s gun carrying Anderson Cooper haven’t called it an “assault gun” yet….but to them, anything that doesn’t fit their socialist, anti-2nd amendment, anti-American view, is called an “assault weapon”. Makes you wonder if CNN didn’t have enough time to plan for this one(pardon the sarcasm!).

We still are no closer, thanks to the liberal lame stream media and all the socialist sycophants in congress, to finding out the root causes of all this recent violence of the past weeks, months and years… And, until we find out WHY THE VIOLENCE EXISTS, it will continue.
People think they can point to countries like Australia and the UK that banned guns…but they don’t tell you the rest of the picture that the major crimes, armed robberies, assaults, etc., ACTUALLY INCREASED DRAMATICALLY…until people bought guns on the black market and were actually able to defend themselves once again. The UK actually had a “turn in your knives” campaign for a while as violence with knives was so high! Yeah, it failed.

It’s interesting to realize that in a city like Kennessaw Georgia, where the local law is you MUST have a gun in your home, major crimes are substancially lower than in cities that ban guns…with I think only one murder…in like 6 years…Hmmm…wonder why?

The socialist lame stream media like to point to statistics of how guns are used in murders in the US and at a much higher rate than the rest of the civilized world…but if you remove just five cities (which also have the strongest gun laws) of DC, New Orleans, Detroit, Chicago and NYC, all cities that have been run by liberal management for a long time, the US finds itself at almost the BOTTOM of the same statistical report. Anyone wonder why?

Clearly the left wing lame stream media are more interested in pushing their socialist agenda, hyping up unfortunate events and in short, not giving a damn about anything but their own agenda.

So, it’s up to us to figure this out on our own…clearly CNN, The FBI, et al, are to busy attacking Trump to care….

I’m Don Rima and that’s the view From Where I Stand.

School shootings – more gun laws aren’t the answer and never will be! 0

School shootings – more gun laws aren’t the answer and never will be!

OK Anti-gun liberals and the rest of your pansy liberal pals… – so, how are new laws going to fix anything???

The NRA has been around LONGER THAN YOU HAVE! and longer than you have been twisting the news to fit your biased liberal views… So have guns… I bought my first one when I was in high school at a K-Mart…18 round semi-auto…fired all of them in under 2 seconds…Gee, NO MASS SHOOTINGS ON CAMPUS! Uh, do you have an answer for that????

You and your pavlovian liberal pals need to wake up and realize IT’S NOT THE GUNS…IT’S NOT THE NRA… IT’S HOW SOCIETY HAS BEEN DESENSITIZED TO KILLING!!! The sources of this are plenty! Start with your local TV, Violent Movies that Hollywood makes $BILLION$ on agrandizing uber violence, then go to uber violent VIDEO GAMES….and work the list from there!

You’re SUPPOSED TO BE a smart guy, the path is OBVIOUS!

You probably studied physics at one time. You should remember that it’s a LAW OF PHYSICS that an object at rest WILL STAY AT REST UNTIL ACTED UPON BY AN EXTERNAL FORCE! Simply put for liberals, GUNS DON’T KILL UNLESS A HUMAN USES THEM TO KILL WITH!

So, let’s ask the obvious question you liberals want to avoid: WHY ARE HUMANS KILLING??? Oh, thinking about that means we have to come up with REAL answers to REAL problems…Hmmm…liberals don’t like that….

Add to this the break down of the home, society morals in general, the lack of respect or value for life….and the list grows…

Don’t blame guns for killing anyone any more than you should blame a car for vehicular homicide! …unless of course, you want to wake up and realize that there are THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS MORE
KILLINGS each and every year done by cars driven by drunk drivers…and no liberal seems to care about that! ….I wonder why….

This problem of horror we get faced with on a fairly regular basis isn’t going away and it isn’t going to go away with the outlawing of guns any more than drugs have with the outlawing of drugs. WTFU! This is going to take a MAJOR MINDSET CHANGE in the part of society. Back to respect for each other and for live and human values.

I’m Don Rima and that’s the view From Where I Stand.

Las Vegas – an act of pure evil. 0

Las Vegas – an act of pure evil.

Unless you’ve been under a rock for the last few hours you’re well aware of the act of carnage and pure evil perpetrated by a deranged gunman upon concert go’ers in Las Vegas. Frankly, America, in shock from this senseless event, prays for the victims, first responders and those that are now taking care of all the victims.

But with disasterous events like this, we are sure to find the opportunists more than eager to come out of their closets and crow for their causes celebre. This event is no different.

Clearly the empty talking heads of the perpetually clueless left wing liberal media continue to spew their pavlovian rhetoric of misinformation and biased talking points. Add to this, washed up celebrities with low ratings that are eager to do anything to get their names and faces in the press with the hopes of getting some recognition points by the cadres of their former fans and maybe make a few buck$ for themselves at the same time.

Yes, I’m talking about all the anti-gun, gun control, and advocates for yet more gun laws that are actually seeming to outpace beer ads on the TV in the last few days. These dolts with their sudden high profiles think that only they have the answer to these kinds of events and that their answer is to remove all guns. Frankly, history shows us that once again, their liberal bent is wrong and doesn’t work.

Once again, we have to remind them that this is NOT a gun issue, this is a VIOLENCE issue perpetrated by a deranged individual. Further that history, even current history, is repleat with facts of violence being metted out using what ever means are available to the perpetrator. It can be everything from a machette in a crowd to running a car into a mob of protesters like we saw a few weeks ago in Virginia.

Do you think that any of these all knowing, anti-gun liberals were howling for Ford Motors to stop making cars because a singe asshole ran his vehicle into a crowd? But why not? Following their mentality, it would only make sense.

If we really want to see just how good gun laws really work we have to look for further than the daily crime statistics of Chicago. Wake up.

So, if people think that removing all guns is the solution then I have to ask: Why not tell Ford Motors to stop making cars? Clearly drunk drivers are using cars to kill people at a quantifiably higher rate than the events in Vegas this week. How about the alcohol consumed by the drunk drivers
– I don’t hear liberals and the empty talking heads of the media crowing to Miller Beer to stop making High Life! Why not? The concept is the same!

OH, well, maybe they think that only guns can kill people….cars and drunks can’t. I see… Interesting logic, but then, we are talking about liberals.

Remember back when Timothy McVeigh used a rented truck with a fertilizer bomb to blo0w up the Murrah Building in OKC? Did the liberals or anyone else call for all trucks to stop being manufactured? NO. Did they call for all rentals to stop? NO. Did we remove any fertilizers? NO. We removed Timothy McVeigh….and way too humanely from my perspective. This may be considered cruel by most liberals, but there are a very few times and crimes that I firmly think we should consider bringing back things like crucifixion, impaling and the wheel. McVeigh clearly fits these scenerios.

Let’s look at a few other things:

Cigarette smoking kills about 480,000 U.S. citizens a year. Alcohol kills about 90,000 U.S. citizens a year. Medical errors by doctors and nurses kill 250,000 U.S. citizens a year. Illegal drugs kill more than 60,000 U.S. citizens per year. U.S. citizens that are murdered by guns are about 13,000 per year and it’s really interesting to look at the demographics, causes and targets of these events. Before you let an irrational liberal friend try to sway you on making guns harder to get, ask that friend what he or she is doing to make tobacco harder to get…inb ANY form! And don’t get me going on abortion . . .

Wake up America. THINK FOR YOURSELVES and don’t follow the empty talking heads that think they should decide what you should be thinking.

This isn’t a gun issue any more than drunk driving is an issue for Ford Motors. It’s a violence and mental illness issue. And, it needs to be dealt with aggressively and vigorously.

Punishing millions of law abiding citizens for the evil of a single person or a few is NOT the answer.

I’m Don Rima and that’s the view From Where I Stand.