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McDonalds Buttermilk Crispy Tenders – JUST SAY NO! 0

McDonalds Buttermilk Crispy Tenders – JUST SAY NO!

OK so it’s mid afternoon, I’m charging down the interstate on my way to class and hungry after a long 8 hour drive that started too early in the morning.
Popping off the interstate I eye my selections of fast styrofood options and opt for Micky-D’s…I would have gone with Chik Filet, but the one in Dalton Georgia doesn’t have a clue what cole slaw is!

Alas! Something new at Micky-D’s….chicken tenders….OK…I’ll bite… So, I order a box with fries…had a diet coke already with me and needed to save a few bucks after paying a king’s ransom for the tenders. Got to the office and popped open the box… To say that McD’s doesn’t understand standard sizing would be an understatement. This was supposed to be a 10-piece box…the pieces ranged in size from OK to “where the heck is it!?”. Frankly, they should sell them by weight and not by the piece, it would be more accurate for the consumer.

Once you get past the heavy use of pepper in the batter, they really don’t taste that bad… The big downer for me was the honey mustard. This isn’t Marzetti’s by ANY stretch of the imagination.

Frankly, it’s some kind of slime compound that has some mustard and I presume honey mixed in with it. YUCKERS!

The biggest turnoff is the price! $10 for a box of 10 pieces of assorted sizes… Uh, folks I get much better tenders at Publix and their honey mustard is real honey mustard sans the slime!

It was an interesting experiment, but I’m putting this one in the stack of Edison’s first 10,000 lightbulbs that were total failures…not going back for that again. Glad I had a large DC to wash them down with!

I’m Don Rima and that’s the view From Where I Stand.