KABOOM – Save your Kaching on this Karap!

KABOOM – Save your Kaching on this Karap! NOBODY hates cleaning out the shower more than I do. NO BODY! But, we all have to do it. It’s part of cleanliness, which as we were all taught is next to Godliness and all the rest of that stuff… So, nobody could have been happier than […]

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Government – Don’t we have enough already?

I ran into this recently in a Facebook posting. I’m not 100% true if a college professor actually made this claim and failed his class, but I have to submit that the concepts presented here are 100% on the money. Given the current trends in Washington to tax us into oblivion, run our lives and […]

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All Roads Lead To Rome – Vacation 2010

For the next 14 days I’m taking the family to Italy for family summer vacation. I had hoped to be able to be able to do Italy and keep something that looked like my Jenny Craig diet going as well. And, for those that are thinking of doing Italy in the future, especially with Trafalgar […]

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