So, Let's consider: When to Delegate

So, Let’s consider: When to Delegate

For the purposes of our little discussion here, we’re going to presume that a “manager” is a person that is in charge of multiple functions, people, deadlines, resources, projects, and basically everything else that has to get done, from a higher level, to make an entity work efficiently and profitably.
When you’re managing your company, group, department, whatever, you’re doing lots of things. Many times, you’re doing the same tasks, repetitively. Other times, they’re tasks that you could do, but your time is more valuable in another direction. A good manager knows when it’s time to hand off these tasks to a subordinate to perform. This allows the manager to stay fresh, work on managing and let other do the “doing” part of the jobs. This also helps you as a manager to be more productive, creative, develop new ideas and functions and in short be more successful and have a more successful company, department, etc.
This is called delegating and we’re going to look at a few reasons you should seriously give to using delegation strategies.

Not enough time

The fact remains, there’s only so many hours in a day and when your to-do list regularly still has important items on it at the end of your day, then it’s time to offload some of these things to someone else that can do them for you. Save your to-do lists for a week or appropriate period of time, then review them for tasks that someone else in your department could do well and let them have them. This will free your time up for higher priority items, strategic planning and big picture development.

You don’t know enough about the task to do it well

This comes under the “lack of expertise” area. None of us knows everything about everything. And few managers are skilled at all the tasks they’re going to have to perform. Things like dealing with IT, personnel, sales, accounting, marketing, manufacturing, purchasing, etc., requires that you juggle a lot of hats. There’s going to be times when you’re just not going to have the experience that you want to get the job done the way you want it to be done. Frankly there may also be times when you have to do things that you just don’t like and would prefer not to do. Then, find someone that does know what needs to be done and likes doing it. Don’t feel you have to learn and know everything. You’ll be happier knowing it’s getting done, done correctly and you can be working on other things you need to be doing.

A staff member wants to learn and grow

So, let them! By giving staff members additional training and responsibilities you not only help develop your in house resources, you give them new skills and added experience beyond the redundant tasks that they are doing already. Nobody likes to get bored and nobody will stay at your company if they stay bored. Giving them new challenges and opportunities to learn, grow and do will make for not only happier, more satisfied, employees but also ones that are smarter and know how to help you and your company as well. If you invest in them, they’ll probably invest in you!

You’re bored

OK, at one time what you’re doing was your life’s goal and dream. You’re there, been there and now you’re not sure you want 1to stay there. You’re finding that your former goal is your current bane. OK, so, you’re normal. Admit it. But that doesn’t mean you have to throw the baby out with the bath water! Find someone else that shares the dream you probably still have or had and make a deal with them to continue your dream with you. Let them run point on the old dream and put your newest dream into action. You’ll feel better, your employees will appreciate you and your old dream will still grow!

When it costs more to do it yourself than have someone else do it

Time is money. Your time has value. Not only to yourself but to your company. Should they continue to may you some expensive rate to do what you’re doing or can you have someone else to the same thing at a substantial cost savings? If you can farm it out, or hire someone else cheaper with the same quality and productivity, then do it! Yes, when it’s your baby it’s sometimes hard to want to give up control, but it’s better for you sometimes to do just that. This will free you up to spend your time and money in another area where the return on your investment will be even greater.
Delegating may not be easy. Especially if it’s your baby that you’re giving away, it may be hard to give up some of the hands on control that you built and still feel. But, you many need to wisely let someone else help work with what you have built so that you can continue to build and grow. And, that’s goodness all around.

I’m Don Rima and that’s the view From Where I Stand.

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