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So Trump walked out of another interview – Can you really blame him? 0

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So Trump walked out of another interview – Can you really blame him?

Well, in case you’ve been under a rock for the last day or so and totally missed the latest barrage from the all knowing, self righteous media, Trump walked out during another interview.  And since the media didn’t get the incriminating negative sound bite they could use against him on page one for the next week, they’re crowing like jackasses about it.

Well, who can blame him?  Certainly not me or anyone else that actually thinks for themselves and has an IQ that gets bigger as you square it.

Face reality.  Ever since Trump showed that he actually had a snowball’s chance in hell of defeating Clinton, the media has been allied against him in any and all ways possible.  To call the “main stream” media “liberal”, “biased”, “left winged”, “unbalanced” or any other of well earned and deserved labels they’ve been assigned by the voting public would not only be more than fair, it would be monikers that were well earned and justified.

Trump’s not an idiot.  He, like the rest of us, fully see that the biased “interviewers” have an agenda to come out of their session with at least one sound bite that they can twist in the most negative presentation they can find and use against the president.  And, they will run this clippette as their lead story or page one for as long as they can milk it.  Further, they have a nasty and assanine habbit of asking the same question 10 different ways with the hope of getting the answer that they want.  Can you call this “Making the news”???

Then there’s their habit of continued hammering on one subject with the hope of getting their negative sound bite…

Trump’s not an idiot.  He, like the rest of us, clearly see through this bullshit and won’t stand for it wasting his time.

Frankly, I fully applaud him for ending interviews that are clearly going no where and are a total waste of time.  He should CONTINUE this policy until the lame stream media gets back to REPORTING the news and not trying to make it.

But then, do you ever think there will ever be unbiased and responsible reporting done by the media?  Frankly, if you do, then you also believe in Santa and the Tooth Fairy.  It’s clear by their irresponsible actions that hell will probably freeze over before the media acts responsibly and with unbiased reporting.

OH, and in case you’re one of the idiots that’s complaining about Trump’s taxes – They’re in a VERY SAFE PLACE FOR ALL TO SEE!!!   They’re right underneath Obama’s college records, his birth record, Obama’s passport application,

Obama’s immigration status as a student, Obama’s funding sources to pay for his college, Obama’s college records and transcripts, Obama’s selective service registration along with Hillary’s email log and the 66,000 missing emails….which frankly I’d much rather see than Trump’s boring taxes!

I’m Don Rima and that’s the view From Where I Stand.

Filing your taxes – when Free really isn’t – are you being "monetized" ?? 0

Filing your taxes – when Free really isn’t – are you being “monetized” ??

OK, so you’re intrigued by those online services and all that nice software that says they’ll do and file your taxes this year FOR FREE! Hmmmmm… We all like stuff for free, but hold the phone here folks – there’s more happening here than you may be aware of…

You may not be aware, yet, but you’re being mined and sold. Yupo folks, once again if it sounds too good to be true it most likely is.

It would appear that there’s really a growing and big business in mining as much information about you from your tax forms and from all those piles of paperwork that you have to use to create those monstrosities that you have to send the IRS each year! Think how much information you really tell about yourself when you file your 1040. Do you have any loans? Investments? Outside business interests? Student loans or college payments of any sort? Well, it’s all on your 1040 and it’s all there for whomever is doing your electronic filing to mine, aggregate, package and sell to whomever will buy it. The latest buzz word is call “monetizing the customer” – uh, that’s you! And it’s big business and big money.

SO, if you don’t want to be sold you may want to read the fine print and make sure that your privacy stays that way – private.

I’m Don Rima and that’s the way I see it, from where I stand.