All Roads Lead To Rome – Vacation 2010

For the next 14 days I’m taking the family to Italy for family summer vacation. I had hoped to be able to be able to do Italy and keep something that looked like my Jenny Craig diet going as well. And, for those that are thinking of doing Italy in the future, especially with Trafalgar […]

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TSA hand swabs are all washed up.

TSA hand swabs are all washed up. Just when you thought the lines at airport security were getting long enough, the great minds at the TSA have just come up with yet another sure fire way to detect the bad guys. They’re going to start swabbing your hands. They think this is a way to […]

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Travel Tips 101

Travel Tips 101 I travel a bit for both business and pleasure. So it’s not uncommon to be in a new town and for one reason or another have some extra time on my hands. Sometimes flights or meetings are canceled, delayed or whatever. Sometimes you’re in town the evening before for an early meeting […]